The Museum of Music PROJECT


In September 2015 the Museum of Music Project was proud to house (in a lovely old period building) a highly talented group of musicians on Governor's Island, NYC during the annual end of summer "Open House" festival.  Presentations included demonstrations on how to play the Chinese zither, voice workshops, an excerpt of songs from "The Sound of Music" together with a comparative look at the stage and film versions, Ipad music technology and dance and music compositions complementing astrology (to name a few!).  The walls of the house were covered with photographs of musicians, stage song sheets, broadway posters, 1960's rock and folk concert posters and an 8 ft "Music History Wall" which the visiting audience were invited to write on and contribute their own knowledge of music history!  Many gaps were filled in to do with all music styles by everyone!  Kids and families had wonderful opportunities to immerse themselves in Ipad music-making, handling instruments and using their voices exploring harmony, pitch and breathing. 

Gregory Nissen and John Taylor Thomas presented their own musicals later last year in October at the National Opera Center providing our audience with thoughtful insight as they explained how the two musicals were related to the period of time in which they were set, although dealing with very different subjects!  

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